MedWise puts the nursing facility in full control of their medication costs.  Our solution to managing pharmacy costs is to implement a system that empowers the nursing facility to make their own decisions regarding their pharmacy services.  Our process is to introduce a claims processing system that allows us to manage each prescription dispensed at the point of sale.  The system’s capabilities allow us to implement and manage cost saving protocols as well as manage outcomes from the pharmacy, the consultant pharmacist, and the physician.  MedWise will simplify and manage this process by providing nursing facilities with choices and strategies regarding their pharmacy services.


Our 3 Step Process


Step 1 – Negotiate Pharmacy Pricing

On behalf of the nursing facility, MedWise will negotiate the facility’s contracted pharmacy services at a fair market price.  We will review the nursing facility’s current contracted pricing and terms, and analyze the facility’s current medication utilization.  Through this review, MedWise is able to show the nursing facility their potential savings that will result from contracting our services.


Step 2 – Implement Adjudication Services

When our nursing facility clients contract with MedWise services, their medication ordering process remains the same.  The pharmacy receives the order, and they electronically adjudicate claims through the MedWise system for review.  Claims are reviewed by the system and immediately returned to the pharmacy.  Negotiated, preferred pricing is used for claims adjudication.  Through this process, MedWise eliminates the potential for incorrect billing by correcting any billing errors made by the pharmacy prior to order dispensing.


Step 3 – Provide Ongoing Cost Management

Our ongoing medication management services include monthly and quarterly pharmacy cost reviewing, reporting and analysis.  MedWise offers each facility customized cost savings options through long term care specific protocols and procedures we have developed.  We will provide utilization reporting and trending with cost reduction strategies to the nursing facility, the pharmacy consultant, the pharmacy, and the physicians.