MedWise medication cost management services offer advantages that allow nursing facilities to control and manage their pharmacy costs.

Specific advantages include our adjudication system and our web based tools.

Adjudication System Advantages

By allowing the pharmacy to adjudicate the nursing facility’s medications through our MedWise online system, we create a standardized platform to manage facility-specific medication protocols and pharmacy billing.  Medication adjudication alerts the pharmacy of nursing facility protocols at the point of sale, where pharmacy staff is trained to handle them.  It ensures that billing and formulary management are performed accurately, prior to the dispensing of medications.

Benefits to MedWise Adjudication Services include Customized Facility Formulary and Protocols

  • Formulary/Therapeutic Interchange
    • System edits alert the pharmacy to follow the nursing facility’s formulary protocols prior to dispensing medications.  These alerts can be physician specific, with tailored messages to pharmacy staff informing them of next steps.
  • High Cost Medications
    • Messages alert the pharmacy to discuss high cost medications with the nursing facility prior to dispensing, eliminating post billing scrutiny for the facility
  • OTC Medications
    • Protocols for OTC medications vary from facility to facility.  MedWise’s system will ensure that the pharmacy only sends what the nursing facility wants provided.
  • Day Supply of Medication
    • The nursing facility can choose the day supply of medication to receive, as well as set limits on future refills
  • Controlled Medications
    • Quantity limit edits can be implemented in our system to eliminate drug destruction concerns for the nursing facility


Web Based Tools Advantages

MedWise allows user access to real time pharmacy pricing quotes and drug information, by providing the following online tools:

  • Medication Price Quote
    • Displays cost that reflects MedWise preferred pricing
    • Allows for review of patient profiles and costs
  • Formulary Management
    • Determine cost effective generic substitutions
    • Review medications for cost effective similar medication therapy
  • Drug Search
    • Provides online drug information for over 17,000 medications
  • Health & Wellness Information
    • Provides information on diseases and health conditions, plus valuable health tips and health FAQs